Wingman Products

Fabiana Meneghini

Via don Davide Gioppi, 1

38069 Torbole (TN)


P.IVA 02168070221


ph.: +39 339 6909687



Our current order processing time is about 6-8 weeks from the order confirmation: this is the estimated time for manufacturing the ordered products.

This time can be extended, if necessary.

As you know we’re not producing any stock but instead we’re only taking backorders.

This ensures that our development process is always in progress.

The order is considered confirmed only once the payment will be credited.

In case the payment will not be credited, the order will be considered invalid.

The client will receive an update about the state of the order and the final delivery date.

Should the client – during the carrying out of the contract – ask for integrations or modifications to be made to the ordered products, Wingman Products will have the right to extend the delivery time for the whole supply.

In case of incorrect order (incorrect product, incorrect size), the client will return the delivered products on his own shipping costs.

It won’t be possible to return incorrect products (incorrect product, incorrect size) after use.


Products prices shall be the ones stated in the on line store.

VAT is not applicable because of the flat-rate tax scheme that Wingman Products joined.

The prices are not including services and charges not expressly mentioned in the order confirmation.

Payment shall be made by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.


These General Terms and Conditions apply to any contract entered into between Wingman Products and a client.

A contract is to be deemed once the client will receive a confirmation for a placed order.


The customer is responsible for any fees occurred when transports go across international borders.

The customer should check with his local laws regarding any additional taxes or fees (i.e. customer duty or others) to be paid once the goods reach the country of destination. These fees are not included in any calculated shipping charges. Wingman Products will not issue any refunds for that kind of fees or taxes.


Wingman Products will manage the shipment on behalf of client considering the most suitable one. The products shall always travel at client’s risk.


The products will be packed and made ready for delivery according to the ordinary care and techniques required by their nature.


Wingman Products guarantees to the consumer that the products shall be conform to the descriptions and specifications specified in the order and shall be free from faults or defects.

Anyway the client must inspect the products within the shortest possible time from the delivery and, in all cases, must report any faults and/or defects to Wingman Products, mailing to within 24 hours from the delivery, sending some photos.  

The products shall be recognised as being faulty and/or defective only once Wingman Products has ascertained and confirmed the existence of any faults and/or defects. Wingman Products will evaluate which solutions are available.

Under no circumstances shall Wingman Products be held to provide compensation for direct or indirect damages of any kind deriving from the products.

The warranty covers, at the sole discretion of Wingman Products:

  • repair of products recognised by Wingman Products as to be defective and/or faulty
  • replacement of products to be defective and/or faulty where repair is not possible or where Wingman Products considers it inappropriate
  • the repair or replacement can occur only on unused products sent back to Wingman Products in their original packing.

The warranty commitment does not cover:

  • normal wear
  • wear/damages due to non-compliant use
  • repairs carried by the customer or by third parties
  • accidents, tampering, disassembly, bad or erroneous use, bad or erroneous maintenance and/or storage and failures to comply with the guidelines set out in the instructions and in the support tutorials
  • use of spare parts not supplied by Wingman Products.


Wingman Products shall NOT be responsible for any direct or indirect damages to the consumer or to persons/things/animals that occur in connection with the incorrect use and/or assembly of the products, inadequate maintenance or repairs carried out by the customer or by third parties.


In the contracts executed with consumers, before products have been shipped, the consumer may exercise his/her right to withdraw, without penalty, communicating such withdrawal from the contract by email to within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date the contract has been entered into (from the date the order has been confirmed).

After the products have already been shipped, the consumer may exercise his/her right to withdraw, communicating such withdrawal within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date the products have been received, by sending an e-mail to

This communication must contain:

  • the will to withdraw from the contract;
  • the details necessary to identify the order; 
  • the details of the product/products relative to which it is intended to exercise the right of withdrawal.

The right of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been correctly exercised when all the following conditions have been complied with:

  • the notice is been sent to Wingman Products pursuant to above clauses;
  • the notice contains the details pursuant to the above clauses;
  • the products have not been used, modified and/or damaged;
  • the products shall be returned in their original packing;
  • the products shall be sent to Wingman Products in a single shipment within 14 (fourteen) days from the communication of withdrawal, by e-mail, on the part and on the costs of the consumer.

Wingman Products  reserves the right to refuse to accept back articles from the same order that are returned and shipped at different times.

Immediately upon receipt of the products, pursuant to previous clauses, and providing that the right to withdraw has been correctly exercised, Wingman Products shall:

  • notify the consumer by e-mail the reception of the returned products;
  • reimburse the consumer for the amounts paid as purchase price within 30 (thirty) working days starting from the date on which Wingman Products has received back the products;
  • in case you will receive a refund, the shipping costs sustained by the customer for the original order will be deducted from your refund.

The actual time for the re-credit or return of the amounts pursuant to previous clauses may vary according to the credit card used and therefore Wingman Products shall not be held responsible for any delay in re-crediting. In all cases, he consumer shall not bear any losses in terms of bank interest. The above-referred reimbursement shall be made by Wingman Products to the party that made the payment;

the only costs to be borne by the consumer for exercising his/her right of withdrawal shall be those of returning the products to Wingman Products.

Should the consumer NOT have exercised his/her right to withdraw in compliance with the provisions of the above clauses, Wingman Products shall inform the consumer of the same by email. In this case the consumer may choose, communicating his/her decision to Wingman Products via email, to have the products purchased returned to him/her at his/her own cost; should the consumer not be interested in this option then Wingman Products reserves the right to retain the products and the corresponding amount paid for the purchase of the same.

The customer can’t exercise his/her right of withdrawal in case of request of specific personalisations that will deviate the products from their basic characteristics, so that they couldn’t have been sold to any other possible future consumer. In such cases Wingman Products can reserve to decide if the request of withdrawal can be accepted or refused.


These General Terms and Conditions and each contract entered between the parties shall be governed by Italian law and shall be interpreted on the basis of the same.


Except for that provided for by mandatory regulations in favour of the consumer, any disputes arising from, or in connection with a contract and/or these General Terms and Conditions  (including those related to its validity, interpretation, carrying out and non-fulfillment) shall be exclusively submitted to the Court of Rovereto – Italy.