The Wingman SL

the ultimate WING FOIL freestyle, wave riding and cruising harness. Designed and developed with Balz Müller.
Wingman Products wing foil harness Wingman SL

Maximum Freedom of Movement

Tailored for freestyle, waveriding and cruising. Promoting extensive motion and optimized for better swimming and easier duck diving.

Maximum Comfort

Extra Wide Harness Belt, Curv Reinforced Spine, & Wide Shoulder Straps ensures even power distribution across the torso, adds structural support, and enhances comfort with additional support and reduced pressure on the shoulders.

Back Crash Pad

The detachable back crash pad, featuring a Curv® hardshell with reinforced 4mm high-density neoprene, absorb shocks from hard landings. This design not only makes back landings more tolerable but also adds an element of enjoyment to high-impact maneuvers, improving both performance and comfort.

High Hook Position

Ensures a natural wing position and supports switch stance riding, using shorter harness lines to minimize swinging. Features a unique Velcro stabilization system, spreader bar flaps for a secure fit, and offers adjustable hook positioning.

Clean Solutions

The Wingman SL wing foil chest harness offers a practical and clean solution for stashing away extra webbing length. This feature integrates seamlessly with the harness design, ensuring that any excess strap material is neatly tucked away and secured.


Our breathing harness concept allows you to have an extremely stable hook position while being able to expand your chest by approx. 8cm and to freely breathe.

Leash Arc

Integrated Leash Arc to attach the wing leash directly to your hook with a carabiner.


Keep it clean and store the extra webbing in the neoprene storage pockets to avoid straps flying around.