WHAT ARE THE Riders saying about the wingman Harness concept:

Balz "Radiculo" Müller

“Feeling safe while you are riding is vital. However, if possible, safety should not come at the compromise of style and comfort. With the Wingman Harness-vest, I feel secure when pushing the limits and can easily wing one-handed and relax for the next big trick.”

Alessandro Jose Tomasi

“With the Wingman vest and the mono harness lines, I have been able to find my perfect setup. I can be hooked in all the time. Even at top speed, I feel 100% comfortable, and “The Loop” mono harness line is able to give me the maximum sensibility to trim my wing as well as the possibility to adjust the power point while I am hooked in."

Pietro Leon Kiaulehn

“It's our job to make the fast guys even faster, and we are working on achieving that every day.”


I was always asking mysef: Should I take my impact vest or my harness? Or both? Now I just take my Wingman vest. That's it.


"I want to improve my racing. To get a Wingman vest was one of the important things to do. The high hook position feels great and the upwind angle you can do with it is unbelievable."


It's so cool. For racing I use it with the harness module and when i go freestyling I use it as a impact vest only. When I go training in the winter time at Lake Garda the extra layer neoprene also keeps me warmer.

Nico Spanu

“Using the Wingman harness really steps up my game in races. It spreads out the load so I don’t get as tired, lets me control the foil better, and helps me go faster. It's a game changer for winning..”

Ernesto De Amicis

Using the Wingman harness can really boost your game in races—it helps you last longer, control better, and go faster. Perfect for pushing ahead of the competition.

Michi Rossmeier

“I need to feel safe when trying new tricks, furthermore i love innovative products. Wingmans vests and their awesome, sleek and innovative accessories are just what I need to get to the next level safely and comfortably.”


Sometimes we compete all day and do long distance races, and without this I would not be able to hold the wing in my hands for so long. What’s also amazing is the ability to go upwind and you can hold a bigger size wing easily.

Stefano "Coki" Battistoni

“I love to do downwinders. The Wingman Harness vest lets me go upwind for kilometers without any effort. Like that I can keep my forces to do more downwinders in one session.”

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